Friday, January 1, 2010

'Tis 2010 and you don't know what I'm writing about

Or do you?

I have been at embroidering very happily. In every moment I can find, really and truly, over the past few days. ^.^ I pick up and embroider when someone's typing something out on Gmail and hasn't entered it yet, in between my turn in a game, in between many things when I have some seconds to stick a needle through and pull it... and then in those times when you have more time to embroider.

And I really didn't force myself, either. It just came. Somehow, doing something is obsessive if I... do it. I don't know if I really enjoyed it, but it is very beautiful, what I made, and sometime I can show you all what it looked like if I ever, ever get Blogger working correctly.

No. I don't have 'New Year's resolutions' or whatever people call them. I don't even know how one monitors those sorts of things. I just do what comes up in life, and I don't give up, either. I'm stubborn... I don't think that anything I really, truly try to do ever gets tossed away. I always pick it up later, and typically I lay it down due to time or else because I need some rest from it. And I finish it later. So, I'm embroidering what I've always wanted to now... or rather, I finished it already.

One thing that I will remember this year as is it is the year that I stopped being a decade and a half, and instead I began to be a decade and a half and a fifth of a half. Really. That's... sad. Bad year! It stole me my wonderful little title!

Though, I'm not yet a decade and a half and a fifth of a half. That's a tad later. But I will be plenty soon, and it's this bad year which did it to me! I suppose one day, I can say I'm a fifth of a century old, or two decades, or a score, and after that, a quarter of a century or two decades and a half or a score and a quarter!


Or a score and five. ^.^

Anyway. That's odd. Weird.

The real current terrible thing is that I am missing the Gathering. O.O The people at the Aherns' did call us and chatter at us and I played harp for them (and they flattered me rather like eating too much ice cream), well... but I'm not there! The up to that is that John says he will try to have one this summer if nobody else is set on it. The Hunters said the same, that they would do it if nobody else did, so obviously the Hunters and Aherns have to work it out. Unless Mrs Ahern isn't up for it.

At any rate, if 'tis so, I get to see the beautiful Rocky Mountains again and the pikas (I hope), and also to traipse the Western Wild. I love the west. But the east is also beautiful.

I had come. I had seen. Then I wrote. ... Okayyy.

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Andre said...

Bah. It isn't flattery when people compliment you on your amazing harp playing, it's the simple truth. :-P