Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One post per day

That's what I want to do. Or one post per two days.

I hope to post short posts.

But wait- telling about how I'm going to post isn't going to help!

I'm in search of a spindle and roving and some crewel (or cruel) yarn. I want to embroider things... for people. Not to mention, I want to make myself a double-sided hood... wait, that doesn't make sense. Uh. I want to make a hood that is two bits of knitted stuff thick.


I can't really think very well.

I'm also desperately wishing to make myself clothing. And I want to go to Raleigh and visit Mari, but I doubt it's going to happen. Anyway, I'm not sure that I'm mentally prepared to go travelling alone on a train. And I don't think Mum will want me to, anyways. And I sort of don't want to be alone on a train.

Please work your way past accidental typo things... I am so tired, sort of.

I feel like I want to sleep and then wake up every morning to a different house and a new day and some work to do. Work for hands. But no- I can't work. I have nothing to do! So, I'm going to draw pictures of firebirds and weird colourful birdies.


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