Friday, December 25, 2009

It's the day!

Joyyyeux Noël!

(I'm trying to replicate the 'MERRRY CHRISTMASSS!' thing...)

I'm not sure I have the heart, sanity, or something to give out wishes. But you know what I mean, I think.

So, I'm alive. I'm not sure if I mentioned earlier whether I got the yarn and crewel yarn... I did. I don't think I strictly got crewel, but I did get wool embroidery yarny stuff. And some lovely three colours of yarn along with another... which is many colours, like Joseph's robe, I suppose, in the Bible.

I have been on a 'harping spree'... I suppose I'm harping a little happier now. I prefer to do it when my fingers are dry, but often when I come to it, they're sweaty.

Today, in my stocking, I got some oddments of the sweet sort (dried fruit and chocolate/yogurt-covered things) and a drop spindle with roving. Just a little roving, but some. o.o

I'm kind of happy about it, yes! But I find that when I try to work with something in my hands, I feel dizzy and sick. I think it's the focusing on one area as though nothing else exists. So, I tried to wend my way onto a computer so that I could draw embroidery designs... and here I am! Wow!


Well... I've been contemplating odd things for long. I'm kind of morose, feeling a tad not perfect, and very lonely. I felt like this last Christmas. Why do I always feel this way when I ought to be realising what the day is about? I can't really do it... I feel so unpious. I did sing descant yesterday, though... after we had listened in the morning to the King's College Choir in Cambridge, England. Wheeee. So fun. So nice.

The only thing is... I can't enjoy anything, so I feel like giving up! And there's nobody to tell me not to, now that people are off on their separate vacationings for Christmas. I'm very, very glad I didn't get gobs of presents from one person, though. So far, I only have one strict present- the spindle. I'm FINE if I only get one thing like that in my stocking. I'd rather get a tiny bit than much... then you know what to do with it.

I have the feeling that I'll probably give some of my candy away to siblings because I won't want to eat it anytime soon, or not much of it. I feel sick if I eat too many sweet things, or too much sweetness, and eggs and cheese tend to make me feel sick. I know it's not physical sickness because I feel perfectly fine in my body, but in my mind, everything's confusion and sickness. It's very odd. But sometimes I feel like regurgitating due to it... though I try my best not to, and so far I've succeeded.

Among my bad tidings, I think I'm getting sick. I'm/we're hoping it's not whooping cough or something...

But still, merry Christmas!

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