Wednesday, November 11, 2009

'That Happy, Festive Season'

I was just thinking of November so. The month you sit down somewhere to write fifty-thousand (or more) words in a month.

I have been writing 'this much' since before- I was pelting down Nostalgia, as you know (if you've read previous posts and have been haunted by my conversation for awhile), and got many, many words. My goal back then had been to get fifty-thousand before NaNo, and I did that quite a lot before NaNo (by a week, maybe?), so I got a lot more before NaNo.

I am lunging well up to one-hundred-thousand now. I am currently at a happy 87,914.

And that 'festive' feeling, probably 'writerly' feeling, has come upon me! This writing much and the fact that I actually think I'm writing 'something' and that I am really getting practise out of this for writing books later makes me feel very accomplished. It makes me feel like I am a writer.

It also makes me feel that someday I will be blessed by God to do what He wishes me to... whatever it is, I think it will be glorious, and I might have an idea of what it is. An idea, though.

At any rate- that is much of what I have to say. I like how I am feeling now. It is an accomplished feeling, and an accomplishing feeling... like I will come with my stubborn sword and conquer that which I wish to do and think it would be good to do. I have many things I want to do- I'd like to give myself a more efficient and colourful wardrobe. Not a silly wardrobe of today. Something that will likely also inspire me to write nice things. Likely many people will ask me questions and stare at me for wearing bright, long dresses and things, but I'd rather be questioned and stared at than not do it... who cares what the world things? And wouldn't it be lovely if everyone wore nice, modest, colourful clothing? Batiks and calicos and tartans? And what about historically-'inspired' clothing?

I'm not sure anybody will get what I mean by 'historically-"inspired"'... I mean something not so much like Goth styles or whatever, but more like clothing that is made with techniques and constructions which people used in the centuries previous to now. I am interested in many ancient ones, all the way through to around 1950. I am not particularly fond of anything after that, really.

One thing I've recently liked is the idea of mediaeval-based clothing. Not a lot of people know what mediaeval clothing was really constructed like, and I'm not sure how they *did* it, but I think that I can use the 'basic idea' to make something nice for myself.

I never really 'liked' clothing... I don't have a huge wardrobe, and I'm not crazy about finding all kinds of things to add to mine. I just want to have what does the job, although hardly any modern clothes do all I wish they did, and that is JUST why I want to make my own. I really, really dislike how people have come to make clothing... not just in how they look, but how they feel, and in how they are to be worn. It isn't common sense to make them how they are made. And so, I think I'll just have to start over from scratch, and from what has been made in the past, and make up my own clothing all alone. :)

So, someday I might have something to show you all... and as I get better at putting things together in a timely fashion, I'll feel accomplished in the station of making garments, like writing... and I'll also work on translating and reading, and I can translate things for peoples' birthdays. I don't know who would appreciate that, but I know whom I know might.

This post might be summarised as a little piece of my mind. I suppose I should write more of this, and I will get almost daily posts out with something worthwhile in each.

One thing interesting about me- everything in my mind tends to be somehow related, and that is one reason why I go off on tangents in posts, because somehow things have to do with each other. Even if I don't seem to be showing a relation, there are some... but that makes sense- everything is related because it is in a world God created, and the things God created all are so heavily intertwined that ... it could only be that way, couldn't it? And there's so much to learn, too... which is the reason I spend so much time thinking, and now so much time pelting words down in Nostalgia. ^.^

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