Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Romans had grammatical errors, too!

That, I found out yesterday, in Latin class. We discussed it for awhile, and Dr. McMenomy perceived that Gabriel and I share an interest in the misspellings Romans had when they wrote, thinking a word was spelled one way because it sounded like it. They did that, too. Apparently, 'magnus' is not pronounced mahg-nus, it's mahng-nus. I expect '-ng-' as in 'finger'. :) I find that dreadfully brilliant! So, some Romans spelled it 'mangnus' or 'mangus'. I believe it was the latter, but I'm not sure. Isn't that interesting?

So, now I know how to pronounce 'magnus' correctly... and the temptation while thinking about it to say 'mangnus' is kind of ridiculous. But I will probably get used to it.

Now, I have to find a sight about inappropriate Latin! As in, misspellings that tell us how people actually pronounced the words then. However, I'm going to wait till I'm 'free' to do it.

Over the past two weeks or so I've written many, many pages of Nostalgia. I know I was at about 32000 words at the beginning of it, and last night I hit 40000. I am very proud of myself. I am bound to beat André (who's only writing a half-page of pathetically large print, size 12- I use size 10) in only a manner of days, if I keep it up. Last night I wrote 2316 words, and I am exceedingly glad of it! Not so much that I will beat André, but rather because I'm glad I'm writing so much. Even if it is nice (*cackle*) to be beating André after not being able to write so much...

Also, I am seeming to get a grip on things a tad better. I'm beginning to see things a little lighter, now, and to be able to find out a little more why I am this way now, anyway. I wrote it in Nostalgia last night. If I had lots of formatting here, I might quote, but this accursed thing won't let me do italics or anything, and I haven't the least idea why.

So. I have a whole bag of chocolate turtles without caramel FOR MY VERY OWN. Finally. Chocolate. Mmm.

And... I'm... well, I think I've said all on my mind for The Now. Farewell, peoples!


Anonymous said...

Size 12 is NOT pathetically large! It's standard! Size 10 is ridiculously small, that's all. :-P
And I just have to stay ahead of you for 12 more days...*hops*

Andre said...

Er, that's *hopes*
And my identity thing is weird...I think it messed up my own blog strangely because I can't see my latest post unless I click on it in the calendar. *uses google account*

Nora Roisin said...

Twelve *is* large. You're just a pathetic, wimpy gumball who thinks it's not.


Of course, I'm also very strange and singular, so you can't really be blamed.