Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It won't wash away

I know that doesn't have anything to do with this, but enjoy!

We went on a trip to the ISLAS gathering in Colorado, and had much fun with all our online student friends. (I'm being attacked by flies!) Then we went off with the Hunters and saw Mesa Verde and later the Grand Canyon... and the Hunters ran off to their home and such and we met some more friends and had a great time being queer strange peoples. We took many pictures during all our occasions- first we ran off driving from Minnesota, we camped at Rocky Mountain National Park, drove up Trail Ridge Road and met the pikas and their habitat and the clouds, and on some obscure Wednesday drove through the mountains to Grand Junction and waited till the gathering started.

Then we met them. The president (of Islasdom) tried not to let the conversation die, and his mother was a great hostess. We met others, of course, but they are less important (not really, but I defer to His Overlordliness). We had a great lot of fun. Did many things. Played many games. Sang many songs, and hymns, and hiked, and danced, and played Ultimate Frisbee without doing much (on my part), ate food, sang the Doxology, and on and on. And we met the McMenomies (again, for some of us), our honoured teachers.

Saturday evening was the evening of the dance, and we danced five dances very excitingly. I was most often trying to be moving because of the bugs. And after that we sat around a bonfire, sang Gaudete for Dr. McMenomy, sang the song whose words are fully made up of the President's enlightening name, and played improvisation games (among others). Also, Hannah sang a song about what we had. It was also very enlightening. When it got terribly late, we had to say good-bye to each other...

On Saturday and Sunday some of us tearfully bade good-bye to the others who weren't leaving yet. On Sunday, the rest of us went to church with the President and the honoured hostess, and afterwards those of us who were there had dinner afterwards at the Presidential Ranch and had merry times (though I felt empty that we'd all be gone soon, and I suppose others did, too...), and then the McMenomies drove off to the airport, and eventually my family and the Hunters drove off to Mesa Verde.

And the joy was over.

But the Hunters and us had some joy. Seeing Mesa Verde and the Grand Canyon (a few days after the Mesa), and then when the Hunters had gone, on a Saturday, we eyebrow-raisers went to see some Blake-likes and Spear-likes at Oak Creek Canyon. There we swam around in the creek, or tried to, and froze within its depths.

Then we had to leave them, too, for they had a few-hour journey back to Phoenix. So we snapped some pictures, had icy things, snapped more pictures, and wailed our good-byes, and shot each other, and strangled each other.

And we drove bumper to bumper in a traffic jam for a long time and so the Blake-likes and Spear-likes got to see my cloak waved out Daddy's window (he was driving). And Jared ran up and said hi. And Gabriel ran to the Blakes' van and gave Erin seeds. And we waved a lot and took pictures and stuff.

And then my family ran off to Comfort Inn and was seen no more by Islasers.

Then we Bertilsons went to the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, got stuck in Santa Fe because the fuel pump broke itself, got it fixed after staying there from Sunday to maybe Wednesday? And we tottered home in three days.

Iowa was very lush after being in desert for two weeks. Now I don't think I can fully appreciate the cooler temperatures (though more humid) here in Minnesota. Dry heat is lovely, as long as the sun isn't burning you. I forgot... in Santa Fe we went to a lovely fossil shop, and took many pictures, and saw three old churches (one was the oldest in America, and another was the church with the Miraculous Staircase). We saw other things, too.

What's going on here at home isn't quite as exciting as that. For your informations, we were gone about three weeks. Exactly, I think. From Saturday afternoon at the very end of July to August 14. It was Gina's happy birthday. Otherwise I probably wouldn't remember.

I hope to start taekwondo soon and become one of Mari's little pet white belts. It is a sweet thing to aspire to be. And so I aspire.

I have other things I am aspiring to be, but they will be kept from the absolute public (I'm certainly fine to tell you when chatting on the queer chatrooms I chat in... but I feel like I don't want to get my hopes up). It's not really a secret. So be happy.

That is all I have to say right now. I know I have more, but I don't know how I can possibly fit more in. This is already muchful. Westu hal!


Erin said...

I loved seeing you guys. :D

Nora Roisin said...

YES! It should happen more.