Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happily ever after...

It's very lovely outside- the wind is blowing, the trees are tossing, the sun is shining on the tops of them, and clouds are hazily sailing across the sky.

And there are no cicadas.

I do not like cicadas. Except their anatomies and finding cute castoff skins hanging on trees. I should study biology...

And I love trees! I'm so glad that God made them. :-) And I'm so glad that now, he put me in a place where they grow very commonly. They're so much larger than they were ten years ago... I remember quite well! It's just fascinating! I can't believe the trees grow just like me. As of the past few days, it's been stormy... wind, rain, clouds, lightning. There was a lightning storm last night, way to the east, and I was watching it from the window.

Last night, I decided not to go to the Harry Potter 6 movie. I had been preparing a costume for a random fifth-year, and I almost finished the cloak (it was finished enough to go in), but yesterday was not enough time to finish the dress. By the time the sun was going down, I was getting insane in the head, and I began to doubt that I would go... I would have had to stay up till 4:00 in the morning, and that would make me very tired, and then I would have problems for the rest of the week, and be depressed about it. Also, I wasn't prepared mentally to go see it. So, I'm glad I stayed home... but I was very depressed and nightmarish when I woke up, and out of control. Really. It's all obscure... and I suppose I can tell y'all individually.

So... I have a cloak, and I've been writing 'Forest', peacefully, and interestingly. :-)

I'm also starting to make my swimsuit, the pattern being from (Somehow, I can't do italics or anything technical on here... I may fix this later) I have to trace it off from the main pattern. Gina already did it for herself; she's cut out her stuff.

And then, I'm quite sure I'm getting better. Ah, well, I can't say much more... I've lost my mood.

Apparently the HP 6 movie was very much liked in my family and elsewhere. :-)

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