Friday, June 26, 2009

Scrambled eggs and herbs

This brunch-time I made a nice little scramble of eggs. I was searching the cookbook (How To Cook Everything, to be exact) earlier, didn't get too inspired by it, except to make nice sand cake... But later, I went outside, and saw that the basil was actually doing wonderfully, munched some, and then, somehow, I decided I'd make eggs. And later, while I was chopping things up, I decided to make a larger batch.

I made it rather simply, cutting up leftover bell peppers, green, red and orange, and used the rest of the chopped onions which we used for tacos two days ago (I think). Later, after I'd asked everyone except Gina and Gabriel if they'd cut onions (Gina was asleep, may still be), I asked Gabriel and he went at it. I didn't think he would. Nobody else really had, so it was rather nice. And Gregory cut up the rest of the green and red bell peppers, leaving the orange to... do what it wished to (possibly mold) in the fridge. No, it wasn't a bad thing to do. We didn't need any more peppers.

Here's a picture of what I chopped up:

I put in the red, orange and green peppers (I cut a few up before Gregory did it, so there were some orange ones in it), chopped onions, fresh chives, basil and rosemary from outdoors... and it tastes wonderful!! Since we didn't have much else to experiment with, I didn't add anything else. :P I don't think it's a good idea to add too much spice to eggs, though, because it can get a bit yucky if it's overdone. And I would recommend to use fresh herbs, not dried... I've tried a few silly times to put in dried basil and rosemary, and it's not as nice. Scrambled eggs are just meant to be fresh, I suppose...

And here's how all of it looked like in the end:Annnd for the record, I cut the basil up into little pieces (basil LEAVES, the only way you get them truly fresh, I suppose, but still...)... not totally small, but small enough to give enough for a bite. And I cut the rosemary into smaller pieces. Good flavouring. The chives, I cut into sections of about half an inch each. I don't think there were enough chives, but our plant is really not doing very well (it might be because it's being choked out with crab grass), unlike past years... and the other plant that I think we had is gone. At least, it looks to be gone. :-)

Pie pictures coming later, I hope. I have pictures of the finished pie, and pictures of what the blueberry-strawberry pie looked like when I just put it together.


Fizzy said...

That... looks seriously yummy. Gimme some. =)


Nora Roisin said...

Ha! Well, it's all gone. ^.^