Monday, June 22, 2009

Of The Pies- a story...

...just kidding. Also of other things.

Life has been rather brightly busy. Let me see. All I can really remember happening is that on Saturday, we went to the birthday party out in the country on a farmy place four hours away of my father's mother's cousin... it was quite nice, frankly, though the other kids don't seem to agree with me. I liked the food, the cowboy hats, the boots, and the birds and things, and I got to see pelicans eating in the pond. Yum. Er, well, never mind that. :P

Then, on Sunday, everyone was tired for some oddball reason, and we ended up staying home from church, so I made breakfast; eggs and pancakes, and didn't have time later that day to finish making the pies, whose dough I made on Friday. I forgot that bit. At sometime around 3:30, we went off to a partyish thing of the Twin Cities Project, a church plant, and had lots of food and fun. I told Gregory there that root beer is more intelligent than Sprite, I think it was, or else it was Sierra Mist. Or Mountain Dew. :-o I really don't remember. Anyways. Root beer is obviously for more intelligent people.

A quote I have tried to restore from that meeting is this, when we were having introductions, apparently we were supposed to give our name, and then the animal we think we'd be if... we were an animal.

One lady said (I don't remember her name, of all carnations... I was introduced to her by Mummy earlier and I totally didn't remember): 'My name is (where I forgot her name), and I think I would be a cat.'
Then Bart (who was leading) said: 'Then I would be allergic to you.'

Bart and Chad (who started this project) are often cracking jokes. About each other and about other things/people. Later on, I snapped a flashful picture of Bart, and he told me I should have warned him first, so he could flare his nostrils, and then he did, so I got a picture of him with flared nostrils. It's quite hilarious. :-)

So, I suppose you suppose that I had fun yesterday. I did. I was very tired, though. But it didn't matter. Annnd, when we got home, of course I lugged onto the computer and wrote some Nostalgia, and posted it, and then got off when the internet turned off, and went to bed. Yayness. I got to sleep earlier than normal, due to the internet turning off a half-hour earlier on Saturdays and Sundays, sooo that was great.

Todayyy *drumroll* I finished/am finishing making the pies. One is a strawberry-rhubarb, and the other is turning out to be a blueberry-strawberry, just because there ooobviously aren't five cups of blueberries in the bag of frozen blueberries. The first one is finished, but I'm waiting for the blueberries and strawberries to thaw just a jot so that I'll have something to mix the sugar and cornstarch and spices into. I should check it now, but I'm dreadful foolish. I made a nice woven top to the first pie. Yayness. It's ten inches in diameter, the other is probably eight or nine. I'm not sure.That's what the first piecrust that was crustified looked like at first. I was showing it to Mummy and Noah took some pictures me of me conversing about frozen fruit and things to Mummy. Indeedful, it does look nice, and shabby. I like shabbily nice things.
Here's what the two looked like when finished. I'm sorry that Blogger turned the picture, or Picasa, perhaps; that's what it does with photos when it uploads, thinking they're supposed to be this way. Ahh, well. I decorated the lower one with that fork, and the other with my fingers. The finger-ful one is the larger.
And the finished strawberry-rhubarb. Right now, all 'finished' means is that it's done being all pasted together and ready to go into the fridge, or the oven. I don't know when we'll eat these things; possibly tonight, possibly when it's cooler out. Depends what my parents want to do. :-) Personally, I want to have the strawberry-rhubarb today.
The messy kitchen table. Most of it was pie-stuff, with the hub behind it. But Gabriel got out the peanut butter and Mum got out a tart-bowl-thingy if I had any dough left in the end of it (which is looking bleak). Since then, I've put those away. That Roundy's ice cream container has disgustingful rotten vegetable substances in it, and I don't have any idea why the lemon juice was out.

The strawberry and rhubarbness. It looks odd when the picture's this small... but anyways. Yesss. :-D

And I was eating that while making this sort of stuff. :-) Yummm. Actually, this is the brownieness I was eating afterwards, but I was eating brownies while, too. Rather a bad lass I ammmm.

So, that's kind of what went on today. And lots of pics. Enjoy!


Andre said...

Wow, I'm hungry now.
And root beer is definitely for the more intelligent. Especially intelligent ones like me who like to spray people with it on their birthdays... ^_^

Nora Roisin said...

Oh, yes. Indeed.

Hmm. Well. I suppose you're going to eat now... I feel quite envious that you actually have SUPPER!!!

And I've just got to wait, wait, wait until we get the go on some delicious something. >;=)