Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not a thing!

Oh, a few things, actually.

So, I will admit that one reason I don't stop *trying* to think when I'm with you people is because I don't want to have to tell you or explain to you how I can't think. Because it's hard to understand if I don't explain it... I mean, some people say they can't think when they don't want to say something. :-)

So, I'm really, really burned out today, trying to study Latin, to learn fiddle, to play pianos... it takes up WAY too much energy. Not to mention, the humidity wears me out, even if it's not at all hot out. It's about eighty-one degrees now. Yesterday, it was about 75, and that sweltered me enough. I tend to get weak with humidity, and heatier temperatures.

So, later yesterday and today, I've been sort of lazing around, starting things, but leaving them down soon enough. The thing is, whenever I get the violin back up, I have to retune it, and that takes enough of my energy away, so I'm all tired when I actually play it. Also, the piano is having trouble; it is holding notes slightly, without the pedals, and it sounds soft. It's driving me insane. I can't bear soft pianos. I want to be able to do the dynamics without hindrance!

I'm not quite sure there's much else to say, except that mischief is afoot! I hope I can write something soon, and flabbergast y'all.

God sie mid eow!

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