Friday, June 12, 2009

New tidings, I bring!

Nice that I have two blogs, and I get to post two posts at near the same time. It really... makes life quite pointless and lazy.

So, to keep life interesting, I'm going to post some pictures. Aren't you stunned?

Sadly, they're pictures I drew. :-) Lest I let you DIE in suspense... um... be patient and I'll upload them!

That left-hand picca is Lianen, my Dornthalia RPG character. In her winter clothes, or cold-weather clothes. Because she has a tunic on under her over-tunic that doesn't look particularly light-weight. I'm expecting there would be some decoration on her clothes, but I'm afraid I just realized that now. :P She hasn't got her hair braided, as she usually does, but instead it's out. This is mostly because I was drawing her head with the hair sort of flowing onto her right-to-us shoulder. Grrrowl to me! :P

The picture to the right is Lianen again, in less wandererly clothing. She looks terribly sad, I know.... whenever I'm in a drawing mood, I draw people sad. So, she ended up like that.

Her clothes are very, very interesting, I suppose. I know how tempting it would be to see them as her nightclothes, but they aren't. I suppose the thing she's got over her dress is a sort of robe, but, since it has shorter sleeves, it might not serve so well for a warming-garment for extreme temperatures. Obviously, it's decorated a lot, too.

That's one difficulty- where would she wear this? I'm assuming it's later in the RPG, when she's somehow stuck with some more noble folks.

And she has beads strung in her hair, which is another sign of her wearing more fancy clothes. Never going to get over it...

Here we go! I figured it out. This picture-putting is a little over my head. Or else, not. It makes a nice set-up, all switchy-sidey.

This is not Lianen, and it is also an older picture. I really like this dress. The style (as in, construction) is very simple, and I like simple after all of my crazy embroidered ones. It's got a tiny bit of longness int he back, I think, however, it looks as though it's got over-longness all over. It would probably be hemmed an inch above the ground.

/end technical.

Just enjoy the artsiness of it. Like the other two pictures, it's drawn very small. I tend to draw small.

Oh, grr. It annoys me that in this one the lady's facing out, but I suppose it doesn't matter.

This is also very old. You might understand that I haven't drawn many recent pictures by now. :-)

So, well, this is another sad lass.

I HAVE to admit to you all that it's dreadfully hard for me to draw a wide selection of things. I can't draw men as well as I can draw women and girls and boys... I'm not sure why; I'm sort of trying to figure it out gradually. I also can't draw various animals as well, in the same way. And inanimate objects. That probably explains why I haven't drawn lots of illustrations yet.

I suppose that will be all for today. Mayyybe you can give me constructive comments this time? :P


Erin said...

I like your drawings. Maybe someday I"ll show you mine. =)

Nora Roisin said...

Thanks! :-)

I saw some you did for Courtney, I believe, and some for Dragon's Scale, right?