Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's sunny out, and very nice. However, it is a little warm, I'll admit, if you stomp around in the sunshine. Not in the sunshine, there's a pleasant breeze and a coolness to it that is a tad summery. I suppose summer's coming. Ah, well.

I'm learning two-ish new hymns these days, on the piano, and, I suppose, I'll probably learn the words, too. I like to sing while I play. They are, 'We Are God's People' and 'Stand Up, O God, Be Present Now'. I like both of them quite a bit. The first's tune is from Brahms's Symphony No. 1 op. 68 in C minor, and the second is, well, some random piece written in the later 1900's, I believe. Both of them are fun to play, although the second one isn't down as 'hard' as the first.

I'm getting the hang of playing violin, now. I hope I can get on and start fiddling soon. I have the violin out, and I tuned it, which all-of-a-sudden turned into a fun task today. :P I don't know if it'll stay that way; I just found it fun. The A string still drives me bonkers because it's sort of... tingly/raspy. The metal on it is rather busted, so it doesn't exactly sound nice. Also, it's driving my tone-undeaf ear insane... but it's fine for now. We need to restring it.

I have pictures here and there of things I 'did', mostly food... yesterday I was proud to have made breakfast; using up the breakfast sausages in the freezer and other stuffs. The eggs were really good. I just gobbled up the leftovers, and I wish there were more. :P I will probably make them again someday, and hopefully I can make some bacon, too. We were out back then, and we might still be, even though yesterday was a most gigantic grocery-shopping day. Sam's Club and the normal grocery store (think del parents went to Cub Foods)... and CHOCOLATE CHIPS! So now I can make chocolatey food.

Currently, I'm mostly playing the piano and singing with it, and I'm making myself learn the left hand for O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, which I sort of left off doing the left hand of for awhile... but it sounds plenty fine with the right hand, so I just sing away.

Other than the two hymns up above that I said I'm learning, I've learned the right handness to some other hymns, and I mayyyy try to learn the left hand, too, but those hymns aren't as attractive to me as some others, except for their words. Boring me. :P

Very soon we'll be going to a graduation party... of our step-cousin... annnnd it'll be rather interesting. We don't see our relatives very much on either side of the family; last time I saw my dad's family was about seven months ago for Thanksgiving (PIE!!!).

Is this very boring? Well, I'm going to try not to make a too-long post. You will likely get more pictures soon. The Arboretum pictures are on Gina's camera, so it may take longer for me to extract those, but I took some on Noah's camera (not at the Arboretum; just at home).

Be joyful, and all that! God sie mid eow! (Ohhh, it's SO much fun to put random labels on posts. :-) )


Erin said...

You sound rather content and serene. =) it makes me joyful.

Have fun at the graduation!

Nora Roisin said...

Ooh! Thanks. That's odd!!! I think I was sort of confused.

But yay that! :-D