Friday, June 26, 2009

Scrambled eggs and herbs

This brunch-time I made a nice little scramble of eggs. I was searching the cookbook (How To Cook Everything, to be exact) earlier, didn't get too inspired by it, except to make nice sand cake... But later, I went outside, and saw that the basil was actually doing wonderfully, munched some, and then, somehow, I decided I'd make eggs. And later, while I was chopping things up, I decided to make a larger batch.

I made it rather simply, cutting up leftover bell peppers, green, red and orange, and used the rest of the chopped onions which we used for tacos two days ago (I think). Later, after I'd asked everyone except Gina and Gabriel if they'd cut onions (Gina was asleep, may still be), I asked Gabriel and he went at it. I didn't think he would. Nobody else really had, so it was rather nice. And Gregory cut up the rest of the green and red bell peppers, leaving the orange to... do what it wished to (possibly mold) in the fridge. No, it wasn't a bad thing to do. We didn't need any more peppers.

Here's a picture of what I chopped up:

I put in the red, orange and green peppers (I cut a few up before Gregory did it, so there were some orange ones in it), chopped onions, fresh chives, basil and rosemary from outdoors... and it tastes wonderful!! Since we didn't have much else to experiment with, I didn't add anything else. :P I don't think it's a good idea to add too much spice to eggs, though, because it can get a bit yucky if it's overdone. And I would recommend to use fresh herbs, not dried... I've tried a few silly times to put in dried basil and rosemary, and it's not as nice. Scrambled eggs are just meant to be fresh, I suppose...

And here's how all of it looked like in the end:Annnd for the record, I cut the basil up into little pieces (basil LEAVES, the only way you get them truly fresh, I suppose, but still...)... not totally small, but small enough to give enough for a bite. And I cut the rosemary into smaller pieces. Good flavouring. The chives, I cut into sections of about half an inch each. I don't think there were enough chives, but our plant is really not doing very well (it might be because it's being choked out with crab grass), unlike past years... and the other plant that I think we had is gone. At least, it looks to be gone. :-)

Pie pictures coming later, I hope. I have pictures of the finished pie, and pictures of what the blueberry-strawberry pie looked like when I just put it together.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Of The Pies- a story...

...just kidding. Also of other things.

Life has been rather brightly busy. Let me see. All I can really remember happening is that on Saturday, we went to the birthday party out in the country on a farmy place four hours away of my father's mother's cousin... it was quite nice, frankly, though the other kids don't seem to agree with me. I liked the food, the cowboy hats, the boots, and the birds and things, and I got to see pelicans eating in the pond. Yum. Er, well, never mind that. :P

Then, on Sunday, everyone was tired for some oddball reason, and we ended up staying home from church, so I made breakfast; eggs and pancakes, and didn't have time later that day to finish making the pies, whose dough I made on Friday. I forgot that bit. At sometime around 3:30, we went off to a partyish thing of the Twin Cities Project, a church plant, and had lots of food and fun. I told Gregory there that root beer is more intelligent than Sprite, I think it was, or else it was Sierra Mist. Or Mountain Dew. :-o I really don't remember. Anyways. Root beer is obviously for more intelligent people.

A quote I have tried to restore from that meeting is this, when we were having introductions, apparently we were supposed to give our name, and then the animal we think we'd be if... we were an animal.

One lady said (I don't remember her name, of all carnations... I was introduced to her by Mummy earlier and I totally didn't remember): 'My name is (where I forgot her name), and I think I would be a cat.'
Then Bart (who was leading) said: 'Then I would be allergic to you.'

Bart and Chad (who started this project) are often cracking jokes. About each other and about other things/people. Later on, I snapped a flashful picture of Bart, and he told me I should have warned him first, so he could flare his nostrils, and then he did, so I got a picture of him with flared nostrils. It's quite hilarious. :-)

So, I suppose you suppose that I had fun yesterday. I did. I was very tired, though. But it didn't matter. Annnd, when we got home, of course I lugged onto the computer and wrote some Nostalgia, and posted it, and then got off when the internet turned off, and went to bed. Yayness. I got to sleep earlier than normal, due to the internet turning off a half-hour earlier on Saturdays and Sundays, sooo that was great.

Todayyy *drumroll* I finished/am finishing making the pies. One is a strawberry-rhubarb, and the other is turning out to be a blueberry-strawberry, just because there ooobviously aren't five cups of blueberries in the bag of frozen blueberries. The first one is finished, but I'm waiting for the blueberries and strawberries to thaw just a jot so that I'll have something to mix the sugar and cornstarch and spices into. I should check it now, but I'm dreadful foolish. I made a nice woven top to the first pie. Yayness. It's ten inches in diameter, the other is probably eight or nine. I'm not sure.That's what the first piecrust that was crustified looked like at first. I was showing it to Mummy and Noah took some pictures me of me conversing about frozen fruit and things to Mummy. Indeedful, it does look nice, and shabby. I like shabbily nice things.
Here's what the two looked like when finished. I'm sorry that Blogger turned the picture, or Picasa, perhaps; that's what it does with photos when it uploads, thinking they're supposed to be this way. Ahh, well. I decorated the lower one with that fork, and the other with my fingers. The finger-ful one is the larger.
And the finished strawberry-rhubarb. Right now, all 'finished' means is that it's done being all pasted together and ready to go into the fridge, or the oven. I don't know when we'll eat these things; possibly tonight, possibly when it's cooler out. Depends what my parents want to do. :-) Personally, I want to have the strawberry-rhubarb today.
The messy kitchen table. Most of it was pie-stuff, with the hub behind it. But Gabriel got out the peanut butter and Mum got out a tart-bowl-thingy if I had any dough left in the end of it (which is looking bleak). Since then, I've put those away. That Roundy's ice cream container has disgustingful rotten vegetable substances in it, and I don't have any idea why the lemon juice was out.

The strawberry and rhubarbness. It looks odd when the picture's this small... but anyways. Yesss. :-D

And I was eating that while making this sort of stuff. :-) Yummm. Actually, this is the brownieness I was eating afterwards, but I was eating brownies while, too. Rather a bad lass I ammmm.

So, that's kind of what went on today. And lots of pics. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not a thing!

Oh, a few things, actually.

So, I will admit that one reason I don't stop *trying* to think when I'm with you people is because I don't want to have to tell you or explain to you how I can't think. Because it's hard to understand if I don't explain it... I mean, some people say they can't think when they don't want to say something. :-)

So, I'm really, really burned out today, trying to study Latin, to learn fiddle, to play pianos... it takes up WAY too much energy. Not to mention, the humidity wears me out, even if it's not at all hot out. It's about eighty-one degrees now. Yesterday, it was about 75, and that sweltered me enough. I tend to get weak with humidity, and heatier temperatures.

So, later yesterday and today, I've been sort of lazing around, starting things, but leaving them down soon enough. The thing is, whenever I get the violin back up, I have to retune it, and that takes enough of my energy away, so I'm all tired when I actually play it. Also, the piano is having trouble; it is holding notes slightly, without the pedals, and it sounds soft. It's driving me insane. I can't bear soft pianos. I want to be able to do the dynamics without hindrance!

I'm not quite sure there's much else to say, except that mischief is afoot! I hope I can write something soon, and flabbergast y'all.

God sie mid eow!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's sunny out, and very nice. However, it is a little warm, I'll admit, if you stomp around in the sunshine. Not in the sunshine, there's a pleasant breeze and a coolness to it that is a tad summery. I suppose summer's coming. Ah, well.

I'm learning two-ish new hymns these days, on the piano, and, I suppose, I'll probably learn the words, too. I like to sing while I play. They are, 'We Are God's People' and 'Stand Up, O God, Be Present Now'. I like both of them quite a bit. The first's tune is from Brahms's Symphony No. 1 op. 68 in C minor, and the second is, well, some random piece written in the later 1900's, I believe. Both of them are fun to play, although the second one isn't down as 'hard' as the first.

I'm getting the hang of playing violin, now. I hope I can get on and start fiddling soon. I have the violin out, and I tuned it, which all-of-a-sudden turned into a fun task today. :P I don't know if it'll stay that way; I just found it fun. The A string still drives me bonkers because it's sort of... tingly/raspy. The metal on it is rather busted, so it doesn't exactly sound nice. Also, it's driving my tone-undeaf ear insane... but it's fine for now. We need to restring it.

I have pictures here and there of things I 'did', mostly food... yesterday I was proud to have made breakfast; using up the breakfast sausages in the freezer and other stuffs. The eggs were really good. I just gobbled up the leftovers, and I wish there were more. :P I will probably make them again someday, and hopefully I can make some bacon, too. We were out back then, and we might still be, even though yesterday was a most gigantic grocery-shopping day. Sam's Club and the normal grocery store (think del parents went to Cub Foods)... and CHOCOLATE CHIPS! So now I can make chocolatey food.

Currently, I'm mostly playing the piano and singing with it, and I'm making myself learn the left hand for O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, which I sort of left off doing the left hand of for awhile... but it sounds plenty fine with the right hand, so I just sing away.

Other than the two hymns up above that I said I'm learning, I've learned the right handness to some other hymns, and I mayyyy try to learn the left hand, too, but those hymns aren't as attractive to me as some others, except for their words. Boring me. :P

Very soon we'll be going to a graduation party... of our step-cousin... annnnd it'll be rather interesting. We don't see our relatives very much on either side of the family; last time I saw my dad's family was about seven months ago for Thanksgiving (PIE!!!).

Is this very boring? Well, I'm going to try not to make a too-long post. You will likely get more pictures soon. The Arboretum pictures are on Gina's camera, so it may take longer for me to extract those, but I took some on Noah's camera (not at the Arboretum; just at home).

Be joyful, and all that! God sie mid eow! (Ohhh, it's SO much fun to put random labels on posts. :-) )

Friday, June 12, 2009

New tidings, I bring!

Nice that I have two blogs, and I get to post two posts at near the same time. It really... makes life quite pointless and lazy.

So, to keep life interesting, I'm going to post some pictures. Aren't you stunned?

Sadly, they're pictures I drew. :-) Lest I let you DIE in suspense... um... be patient and I'll upload them!

That left-hand picca is Lianen, my Dornthalia RPG character. In her winter clothes, or cold-weather clothes. Because she has a tunic on under her over-tunic that doesn't look particularly light-weight. I'm expecting there would be some decoration on her clothes, but I'm afraid I just realized that now. :P She hasn't got her hair braided, as she usually does, but instead it's out. This is mostly because I was drawing her head with the hair sort of flowing onto her right-to-us shoulder. Grrrowl to me! :P

The picture to the right is Lianen again, in less wandererly clothing. She looks terribly sad, I know.... whenever I'm in a drawing mood, I draw people sad. So, she ended up like that.

Her clothes are very, very interesting, I suppose. I know how tempting it would be to see them as her nightclothes, but they aren't. I suppose the thing she's got over her dress is a sort of robe, but, since it has shorter sleeves, it might not serve so well for a warming-garment for extreme temperatures. Obviously, it's decorated a lot, too.

That's one difficulty- where would she wear this? I'm assuming it's later in the RPG, when she's somehow stuck with some more noble folks.

And she has beads strung in her hair, which is another sign of her wearing more fancy clothes. Never going to get over it...

Here we go! I figured it out. This picture-putting is a little over my head. Or else, not. It makes a nice set-up, all switchy-sidey.

This is not Lianen, and it is also an older picture. I really like this dress. The style (as in, construction) is very simple, and I like simple after all of my crazy embroidered ones. It's got a tiny bit of longness int he back, I think, however, it looks as though it's got over-longness all over. It would probably be hemmed an inch above the ground.

/end technical.

Just enjoy the artsiness of it. Like the other two pictures, it's drawn very small. I tend to draw small.

Oh, grr. It annoys me that in this one the lady's facing out, but I suppose it doesn't matter.

This is also very old. You might understand that I haven't drawn many recent pictures by now. :-)

So, well, this is another sad lass.

I HAVE to admit to you all that it's dreadfully hard for me to draw a wide selection of things. I can't draw men as well as I can draw women and girls and boys... I'm not sure why; I'm sort of trying to figure it out gradually. I also can't draw various animals as well, in the same way. And inanimate objects. That probably explains why I haven't drawn lots of illustrations yet.

I suppose that will be all for today. Mayyybe you can give me constructive comments this time? :P

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not at all sane

I changed the name again. I probably will again. And again. And again.

I'll take my English Lit exam soon... frightening thought, isn't it? I'm going to wait till Gina and Mummy are back from driving lessons for Gina... which should be very soon. Then I'll probably take it, or at least I'll try. :P Being torn away from friends for an hour and a half is such a saddening thing, when what you're going to is a dreadfully essay-ish exam! I suppose I'm pretty sure I'll survive, but it's still quite a deadening process...

As you probably know, because you're reading this, I've also changed the name of the link of my blog again... poor thing. It will probably stay as it is now, though. I hope to post more, and hopefully I'll have interesting things to say!

I might want to condemn my past posts to the Halls of Hades or something because they're very rambly and unkempt, but this one might be just the same. I'll try to give you all something to think about. I hope my life will get more interesting, rather than just a long list of my woes!

I took more pictures. You will be able to enjoy those, at least some of you, unless you're a wandering person looking at all the blogs in insanely ridiculous order here on Blogger. If you are, well, I don't know what to say. Turning you away sounds nasty.

But it's not highly likely that you are, so I'll keep it all jovial and disreputable.

I made pudding today, and I uploaded pictures, and I studied English Lit, but nothing else exciting seems to be happening. I'm learning Handel's Air from Water Music, though. That's interesting! But it isn't really easy for me to handle. I'm not sure if I've got the fingering exactly right, but I'll try to ask Gabriel about it sometime.

It's been cloudy the past three days. It wasn't windy until now, I think; the wind just decided to stagger out and brighten things. It may not be sunny for awhile yet, or else it'll be sunny tomorrow. I hope that Thursday will be pleasantly cloudsy; sun shining, but clouds sailing across the sky, and possibly a little bit of wetness. It's dry here in Minnesota. Quite dry. The grass decided it didn't have enough water to stay green, so it gave up and got yellow and brown. So, on Saturday, the sunrise wasn't sunny, and it rained, and on Sunday, it did the same, except not so much rain, and today, the same as Sunday, and less rain, I believe. It's wet, though, and cold, and humid. I have been trying hard not to let the cloudiness get to my head, and now I deceptively think that it's Friday still. Sunday was sort of a sad day. I enjoyed church and seeing nice people, but I was tired and still thinking it was Friday. :/ Rather sad.

In a way, I'm behind on everything. I really can't think much at all; reading English Lit is sort of like not reading at all, except reading. I know that doesn't make sense. It's ever-so-hard to explain, and I generally only can explain it when I'm really talking to something animate and not just a white, blank background that somehow, because my fingers are flitting across the page, turns all sprinkled with black figures.

I want to write, but I can't get writing out! I've been reading poetry all year in English Literature, too, and it seems that this schoolyear was nothing but poetry. The poetry during World War I tends to be very disheartening and depressing, as well as other stuff written then, talking about all the young men leaving and dying, and even older men, and whatever happens at home, and what war was REALLY like. Not just a romantic tale from the early 1800's... but rather blank, grey and unfriendly. Well, war isn't generally friendly, but I think you might know what I mean.

I think, since earlier today, I gained more of my contemplative silliness, and now I'm trying to gather my thoughts so that I can write Nostalgia. But I can't gather my thoughts. I don't have any power over that, I think. Or else I don't think- I just... think. Very profound, eh?

I suppose I'll hopefully relax off of all of this when exams are done, even though they're going to cover the next twoish weeks, one today, Latin later this week, and the standardized tests (throw them down an endless well into the abyss of wet, murky darkness!!!). I've been too worried about everything that's happening, so I hope that when school is less everywhere and that's off my mind, I might be able to stop thinking so hard and try to get a little more playful. Someday I might get better, and then I'll be able to write furociously, comment furociously, and play furociously... and do all sorts of furocious things. I've never furociously done things since ages ago, and it would be the most amazing thing to get back into it! Pray that I get there, soon. SOON. I want to be myself again, doing things tirelessly and goofily... and I might steadily work my way through Nostalgia again.

Please suggest to me any ideas you have that I could do. It would be great to have people suggest things to me... I need to stop thinking all by myself. I might want to lean hard on y'all... but I think it would be best if I try to stop doing it myself, and try to let God take it all, and have you all help me with that. I'd like to find my enjoyment in things... it's so hard to enjoy anything in this old city, though! I really don't believe it exists.

That's one of my biggest troubles now. (:P) Being in the city, that I can't understand. Sooo... I want to go somewhere else for the summer, but I can't. The city is driving me insane. There's nowhere to go, nothing to enjoy. I can't even enjoy anything in the house. It doesn't really feel any different in reality than the outdoors. And it's not much of an outdoors. Who on earth invented putting houses together on queer squareish things, next to, in front of, behind, practically on top of all sorts of other queer squareish things, full of the same buildings and houses...

I really need to get out of here for awhile, and maybe I'll appreciate it a little more. I wonder if there's anything about cities TO appreciate, though. I don't mind having to travel to get food; it's work that makes you feel fulfilled, isn't it? I love work! I don't care if I have to do that. I'd LOVE to do it. I'm as stubborn as an ox!

Well, good-bye. I wish I had an excuse to post ten more posts here...

(Yeah, the label is very original. :-) )