Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am almost done with the Wheelock's book. There are only three more chapters. I feel old! :D

And I want to make another blog for the sake of projecty stuff- hopefully it will have more pictures and stuff on it, and ideas for different things with pictures, and instructions for weird things with pictures. Pictures, pictures, pictures. :) Hopefully Mum will buy a new camera for herself, although I don't know that Dad and Mum are convinced that hers isn't the wonderfullest thing in the world yet. And it needs its own rechargeable batteries, or else some siblings may become annoyed.

I would much rather be able to use a sane camera for taking pictures, and Noah's the only one I know that I can use, because Gina's memory card is full. And using either of those cameras, I don't think I'd be able to download the pictures as much as I wish I could. So I'm a bit tied for ideas. :P

Also, I don't know if I said, but I got my books from Mrs. Clark awhile back. I am going to start doing seamstressing soon, hopefully, and that's what part of my new blog will be filled up with. Seamstressing, and pictures. I wish I could have a camera to take as-I-go-along-making-the-projects pictures, which means I better find a way to use one 24/7. :) I don't know yet if I really want one for my birthday; there are a lot of things I'd probably rather get, and it costs SO much. But siblings before have done it. I just don't think a technology from parents would be something fulfilling my everlasting birthday destiny.

So, I'm trying to find out if I REALLY want to call my new crafty blog 'whatnot'. It's the only thing I seem even partially satisfied with, though. It could be 'craftywhatnot', but that would drive me crazy. So, not that.

Soooo. Right now, I'm 'working on' making my circle skirt. I stitched up the sides of the fabric, and now it needs to be shrunken. I'm not sure yet how I'll do it. I'm being a sensitive fool and not completely succumbing to the ways of basins in this house. Just because I don't want to possibly be handling truly dirty fabric when it's done drying. :-S

Math is being done, too. I feel old about that, a little, except I never really have a thrilling feeling at the end of math courses as I do at the end of language ones. It just isn't the same... languages are so much more useful. *snigger*

Ok, I don't really mean that. Math is actually extremely useful.

I love my church. Eee. :) It's sweet and small and friendly and all.

*bounces away*

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