Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Why am I happy? No reason. Or else a reason. I'm not REALLY happy, but I just got excited and I don't remember why. I JUST remembered and then I forgot.

Really helpful...


So. Bounce.

Nice school I'm in. Homeschool, well, I'm changing my main math curriculum again. Again! Woe to me! I... really fail.


But that is not... happy! Um. It is! But it isn't. It is AND it isn't. Is that confusing? Sorry. I'm kind of confused right now. It's lovely out, even though it's not particularly windy right now. I wish it were; I love the wind. It rolls around and plays with nothing and is happy! Or else with something.

Yes, I am confused.

And random! Bounce!

Ok, I'm going to settle and... I love my books by Mrs. Clark! Yay Mrs. Clark!

*form of spazz that is not spazzy and stupid*

Ah, well. Studies to do. I hope I can get a pattern made today, or almost made! Oh, I forgot. I have so much to do. Forget it, I won't do it. :P Or maybe I will.

See? I'm indecisive. Tally-ho, friends! Kabangs and kabooms to y'all!

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