Monday, March 9, 2009

Ah, well.

Snow is a bad thing. It has come too many times to be good. It deserves justice. I want to go run after it and destroy it for the rest of the year, till November. Then it can come again. Just not now!

It was spring a few days ago. And it's already winter again, though happily not as cold as it was earlier. But I don't care!

I have recently acquired, been given, some wool that I love. I'm very in love with wool.

I can't say anything sensible, so I suppose I will say this... once I find a new name for my blog and a new name for the link, I am goinnnnng away! Changing all of what I had planned before! I will try to have something sensible to say, and keep you posted on Major Things that Happen. I'll post pictures, hopefully, and show you what silly things I'm producing at the rate of a silly young lady. I love that title.

Right now, despite the forecast of the Great, Great Snow Tradition of Early Spring in Minnesota, I am glad I am a young lady. Or a lady, in general. It's rather a nice thing to anticipate what God may do with you... I really want to be a mother. Hopefully of sixteen silly, crazy kids, or more, or possibly less, but I must have a large family. Maybe more than large to some of you, but to me, it just seems normal. I think lots of kids are better for the siblings in a family; it helps them grow, I think. I experienced it, and still am, so I guess I know something. Except that my family isn't very large; only five kids. And it seems like there just aren't enough of us- it is a small family, I know. It's actually really small. But nobody will believe me except those really insane other people who are like me. :P

Well, Gina made fajitas this evening. It's nice to have them again, even if the juice hates to be swallowed. We also watched another bit of 24. I don't know... I feel as though we watch so much movie/TV it's sickening, and I never get to bed on time. I should go to bed now, but I'm feeling as though I need to exert some of my writing powers, and I want to look at fabric and dream about all the clothes I can make out of it someday.

I tried to find some piece to learn, but I got tired of looking at all the orchestral pieces that were adapted for piano. I prefer playing piano pieces on the piano, rather than orchestra or chamber on piano. It destroys the effect of many lovely pieces... although it is nice to play the really loud Beethoven parts, to annoy my brother and make my sister start humming it really loud. :)

I made scones last night and the night before (part the first night, end the second night) and everybody's raving about them, and begging to have more. There were something around 55 of them in total, and the amount has probably shrunken a lot now. I don't advise you to put craisins in scones, but if you find you like it, that's quite well for you. My family seems not to prefer it, though. Dried apricots and dried apples are good, except that our apples were diluted with prune and other stuff and very old and brown, and thus not very full of apple-flavour. But experrrriment, pals! Cooking is an amazing domain. I'm trying to figure out how I could fix up our fireplace so I could experiment cooking by fire, but it's such a small fireplace, and there's a sort of guard up. It wasn't meant for cooking, that's for sure. Silly Edwardian people don't have any sense. :P

I'm getting books to learn how to do 1850's-'60's clothing. It will probably advise a few things applicable to previous clothings, too, so that I will probably start making Regency-era clothes. They're, I believe, one of the simplest eras. Modern clothing isn't really easier (I think), because it's so much more complicated than older styles. I'm hoping to learn old ways of sewing and focus on that for my every-daywear, but you can do other if you prefer.

Once I finish my princess-seamed dress, I shall begin to whip up my own clothing. Skirts, shirts and dresses are the main priority now, and on the way I'll figure out some sort of a gypsy-style costume. Not really historic gypsies; probably a style of gypsy for one of my stories that I haven't written. I hope to make a short chemise out of linen or cotton or possibly a light wool, piece together a many-gored skirt out of different pieces of brightly-dyed wool, make a vest or some sort of bodice, and other pieces for different setups. I will probably build on it if I like it well enough over time. It would be atrociously fun, to use a very descriptive word. :)

I am getting the books on mid-1800's clothing from .

And now, I shall zip away. A harp piece (You know, I really do feel desperate. I am going to relax on this tradition when I reform my blog...):

Tally-ho, folks! Supposing you know me, please contact me on what to change my name to. I really need something that sticks and that is imaginative, whimsical and wistful.


Lillian said...

Ah! I didn't know you had a blog!

Nora Roisin said...

Ooh! :o