Monday, February 2, 2009

Brownies, yellow grapefruits, and a non-existent stash of chocolate!

Yes. I am ecstatic. And I can't remember why... and I wrote a very darling little story.

The rag moved fuzzily up to the knife. 'I wonder what this is!' He climbed in a very raggy manner up onto the handle. The handle moved him and his raggy train a little with the momentum of his existence upon it. Then the rag tested the blade.... and cut off a whole hem of one of his corners! He screamed involuntarily, and bounced off of the knife, sky-high. There, he lives to this day, in a great, tall oak.

This was inspired by the knife I cut my grapefruit with, which is actually still haunting me... I could get rid of it, but it caused me to write such a nice fable that I couldn't help but pity the state in which it would eventually be: drowning in soap and water.

A few people have wanted me to write another post. So I decided I would.

We had art class last week again, and I got to start three watercolour pictures. One is a snowman, with a tophat and a cane and a beard and spectacles, and another is a tree in the middle of a somewhat snowy storm (but not snowy enough; I suggested to my brother that he make his tree be in a blizzard, where you would see just blank snow), all finished, and the third one is a sweet little bird that will probably be a chickadee or a bluebird or some bird I'm familiar with. I'm not in the habit these days of making up wintery birds. I was thinking of putting a tophat on him, too, but I decided against it for a reason that I can't clearly remember.

It's still cold here. Our lowest temperature during the day must have been -20 or so, and on Saturday and Sunday we jumped up to 30's and 40's, that range of temperatures being the warmest it's been in awhile here. It's going to get cold again.
I can't remember this, but I'll post it anyways. It must be nice. :)

And that will be all, ladies and gentlemen and those who asked for a post!


Erin said...

YOU POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT was a good post. =)

Nora Roisin said...

Since I suppose I must answer, thank you. :) Very much. I think it was my best post so far. But now, I feel like I really need to reform any bit of posty-posty and begin to write sanely.

Jet Three said...

Indeed, what a darling story! Will there be a sequel? 30° is considered warm? Good grief... It must be summer here, and I thought 25° was cold. Wish I could paint. *sigh*

Come read my latest post!

A sane post? Let's have it! XD

Nora Roisin said...

Aw. Go get a class on painting! I'm not too good, myself! You probably would be better!

Hmm. I'm not capable of sane posts. But, I think I'm going to sometime totally rejuvenate my blog and make it sane. I'm just not able to do it now. If you like, you can send me PMs on some ol' place we're both at for names. Or just PM me and I'll tell you what I'm looking for. I don't think I can make a too good name right now, so your suggestions would be appreciated. Only please on a different system... :P

Nora Roisin said...

Oh, sorry, about the story--

I may write more. I don't know if I'll write from this story, or write a different one. I always tend to be writing tragic stories about little creatures. They're so easy and so miserable and so fun, and then, when you add a joyful twist, they get all silly in another way. I don't think I should continue too many of them or they'll get bad, though. Kind of putrid-like.