Monday, February 2, 2009

Brownies, yellow grapefruits, and a non-existent stash of chocolate!

Yes. I am ecstatic. And I can't remember why... and I wrote a very darling little story.

The rag moved fuzzily up to the knife. 'I wonder what this is!' He climbed in a very raggy manner up onto the handle. The handle moved him and his raggy train a little with the momentum of his existence upon it. Then the rag tested the blade.... and cut off a whole hem of one of his corners! He screamed involuntarily, and bounced off of the knife, sky-high. There, he lives to this day, in a great, tall oak.

This was inspired by the knife I cut my grapefruit with, which is actually still haunting me... I could get rid of it, but it caused me to write such a nice fable that I couldn't help but pity the state in which it would eventually be: drowning in soap and water.

A few people have wanted me to write another post. So I decided I would.

We had art class last week again, and I got to start three watercolour pictures. One is a snowman, with a tophat and a cane and a beard and spectacles, and another is a tree in the middle of a somewhat snowy storm (but not snowy enough; I suggested to my brother that he make his tree be in a blizzard, where you would see just blank snow), all finished, and the third one is a sweet little bird that will probably be a chickadee or a bluebird or some bird I'm familiar with. I'm not in the habit these days of making up wintery birds. I was thinking of putting a tophat on him, too, but I decided against it for a reason that I can't clearly remember.

It's still cold here. Our lowest temperature during the day must have been -20 or so, and on Saturday and Sunday we jumped up to 30's and 40's, that range of temperatures being the warmest it's been in awhile here. It's going to get cold again.
I can't remember this, but I'll post it anyways. It must be nice. :)

And that will be all, ladies and gentlemen and those who asked for a post!