Thursday, December 4, 2008

Be this not depressing?

FLUNK. It is.

I lost NaNoWriMo, naturally. I had 45000-something words. Not too destructive to my image (so to speak), but I had planned to get up to, naturally 50000 words. I wrote 9000 words in one day, however, and on Thanksgiving... I wrote- *wracks brain* -about 6000 words, I think. Anyways, I'm an utter failure, and now I'm not allowed to write a long, nice old novel that makes sense. I lost words to write before I could finish the 5000 last words. It was quite a failural moment.

Eek! I wish I could go ahead and learn how to make Civil War era clothing, however much I have to hand-stitch, machine-stitch, do weird lining things that are hard and cause your whole project to go to utter ruins, and all that very, very fun stuff. I admit, it isn't really not fun, oddly enough. I mean, funnn.... what is fun? Anyways. It's all drastically interesting, and so I want to do it! Yay!

*bounces around wildly* Today has been a both exciting and non-exiting day. Naturally, I was tired this morning, got out of bed at 9:15, had to translate Latin before class in the scanty minutes before it ('tis at 10:00 on some days... like today), and translated dreadfully, getting all the subjunctives mixed up, and translating datives as accusatives. Arrrg. :)

However, for some unexplained reason, I am not utterly and hopelessly in the well I'm falling into! I must have been given a book, because now I'm much more active in my mind in happy ways than I was before. And I'm happy for that, even though it'll likely go away in about... ten minutes. Or at 10:30 when the internet turns off, and I will be torn away from all my dear friends whom I can only talk to over computeriness and phones. I don't like to use phones, nor computers. Evil things. I'd rather be cooped in a parlour writing letters on a dear wooden writing lap-desk thingy, which reminds me I was going to show me sister the writing desks I found on some Civil War-y site. They were the wonderfullest writing kits ever; the crazy writer's dream!

Or else, wonderful enough for me. Kind of like how I'd rather have a nice 34-string harp with carving on it than a plain, but nice-sounding, 29-string harp. Mweh heh.

Oh, gracious. A link! I must be spared. I suppose I'll have to go find one. ;)

Ok, a revelation for the day. For one thing, the past three (including this) paragraphs start with 'o's... and I have 2211 objects in my main folder. Who knows how many other things I have within the file-folders in my main folder... on la computerish thing. It's insane. Ridiculous. And all my fault.

Of course, the abundance of photographs and pictures of many sorts are very helpful to me, so it's not really useless, I mean, I actually learn things from staring at pictures on the computer and in books and just randomly lying about. Like, about different styles of clothing, mostly that sort of thing. And Hungarian embroidery. And looms.

So, I am learning many languages in many different ways. My mostly really being learned ones are: Old English, Hungarian and Latin. Latin not because I was forced to learn it so I could read the Latin Vulgate Bible, or however you please in spelling and capitalizing it (I generally call it the Latin Vulgate with my mouth and mind and brain), but because I wanted to. I could have learned Spanish or French, you know. But I chose Latin and Old English my first full-fledged high-school year, you could call it, and this year I continue Latin (for Old English was a one-year course, in fact, half-year, except my teacher made it one-year because it was intensive and all) and one of my friends is teaching me Hungarian over the internet. And it is a lovely language. All interesting and East-European.

Now for a link of folksiness. I think I only half folk harp done up in the document so far, but who cares. I will probably never get to Irish fiddle and concertinas until I run out of links.
I don't think I posted this. However, it doesn't matter if I did, because I'll never find out, having this computer as slow as it is. Happy for you, happy for me. We can be satisfied.

Good-bye, and good-night!