Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A prayer request

Please pray, if you ever see this, anyone, that my arms and hands don't do too bad- I have eczema 'round my hands, up to my elbows about, I think, maybe farther... and it's rather reacting now in the winter dryness.

Also, I'm rather depressed. I need prayers on that that I get cured and happy... I'm much better on blogs when I'm happy. In fact, I'm brilliant when I'm happy. :) So I ask you to pray, so that I can be brilliant and write stupid poems again...

and sorry there isn't a YouTube thing on here. *fishes one up*

Like this one a lot, listen to a lot by these two peoples and Grainne Hambly. That is, if I find them, and if I don't go head-first after another thingamabobby. Grainne is one of my liked Irish names, too... but I like so many it's hard to count. It means 'grace', and something else I forgot.

Well, school goes on as it didn't ever do. I about went mad over my math today, and got angry at my siblings about ten-thousand times because I can't be patient and contain myself... due to my brain's rewiring, I think. That's why I'm depressed. And my arms hurt... my elbows I notice more because I use them so much.... paiinnnful. They're all swelling and red and scalish.


Pray ever and evermore. I hope my blog isn't a blot of useless bogginess. I'm the glummest thing in the house right now because it's very hard to smile or laugh... and I look like I haven't smiled for about ten years. Honestly. It really surprises me. I think I should write on my blog more; I'll try. I'll try to say something interesting. If I try to force things out of me, I may get happier about it. Pray, pray, pray!!! Pray if you may!

*disappears most flashingly in a spray lucis (of light, in Latin... ah, Latin, it haunts me!)*


Erin said...

I'm praying! I hope it at least helped when we called and got English Lit done!

Nora Roisin said...

Oh, thanks benevolently from that.

I'm still as pitiful as ever, but I'm still jovial. That's my excuse. ;)