Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Chronicle of My Life

Well. I have just decided the doom of YouTube. Here is the narrative:

A Tale of Death and Doom

'I WILL KILLLLL!!!' yelled the man with the black cape.

The bloody scimitar is raised.

It clashes down upon the victim which stops.

Muffled wails are heard penetrating the deep meditativeness of night.

Then silence invades.

Through the subtlety of this thing, you might get the idea. I'm not sure how it fits in, unless it looks like a man in a black cape and really is me in a turtleneck shirt looking like a turtle.

But really, I could feel the scimitar going down. CRASHING onto YouTube. May it never be naughty again!

Chocolate sauce and ice cream!!! Mmm. ;)

So. Before I disappear into the distance forever, I will show you two poems... I wrote them last night, just before bed. ;)

It's so amazing, just how long
Nostalgia's been with me!
No one sees me as I am,
Except those long deceased.
Each sad day is lonelier still
Than the one before,
Though somehow I still gain hope
And pass from hour to hour.

So many days I have on earth,
And yet nothing to do;
I live my life, and watch the sun
As it drifts beyond.
In the night I watch the moon,
Watching where it goes,
And yet my thought is oft the same:
I've nothing to do.

Anyways, my family and I are going off to see the Biden/Palin debate. I hope I'll enjoy it because I'm awfully sleepy.... and I might go to sleep.

I'm wearing my ancient last year's winter shoes... and my toes go right to the ends. I think I'm going to have to get new shoes this year. ;) Nice brown leather shoes because black doesn't exactly match me, and white.... well, it's an old story why I don't really wear white now. It is because when I was a girl, I mussed them up, and so I had to get black and brown but not white. And now, I prefer brown, and have originated an interest in it. Yessss.

And it is really a longer story; I am just feeling brief. A good sign.

So, it's in the fifties and cold, and in eight minutes we goooo. My days are so busy now.

God sie mid eow!

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