Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little bit more

Right now, I'm listening/kind of watching the debate between McCain and Obama. Yes, I'm nice and biased. Actually, I don't think I am. And yes, I'm conservative, therefore I'm rooting for McCain... but I'm too young to vote.

Well, on the political bit, I think Sarah Palin (I prefer to just call her Sarah) was a wonderful choice. There are so many reasons... but I find, I can trust her, and I agree so much with her; she's honest, she's to-the-point, she's very friendly, and she's a good and wonderful person. Ooh, and Alaska's beautiful, but that really doesn't have much to do with it. I can't say Illinois is beautiful, though, because I've only been to Chicago and that doesn't give much view.

La, la, la.

Well, my hair's growing! I think it grows faster than a half-inch per month. Not sure, though. But I... like to be optimistic. *g*

I'm afraid Obama is one of the people/things that make me nauseated, if I can't control myself. Pantheism and some other things are with it... worms in potatoes. Well, worms in potatoes make me imagine there are worms in any food I'm eating. Blood, however, doesn't seem to be one of the things that makes me nauseated. Except that I feel as though I shouldn't not be nauseated when I see it, or think of it.

I made cookies today; chocolate chip cookies, and had way too much chocolate, and likely batter (as I delight in calling it), too. I only let the kids and myself have two cookies today because I don't feel sugary. In fact, I generally don't. Sometimes I just prefer having more sugar than salt at a moment, but that's momentary.

And I had my first real mocha frapuccino yesterday, at Starbuck's! Yessir! I loved it. I got a tiny, weeny taste of it in California, though, at a store. Except, we (my mum and I... and Grandma) were drinking our stuffs outside, and it was windy, so I was shivering. If you don't know, frapuccino is a cold drink. Brrr.

Coffee's not bad. Also first real time of having coffee. I don't think I'll be a coffee addict, but it's not bad. *grin*


I want to make a new blog for designing ideas-- clothes and all sorts of other things, things to be made. And post lots of pictures. Only problem is, some of the pictures I want to post I got from other sites, although they're not really those peoples', so... I'm not sure I should really post them. In the past few days I've been going through lots of sites getting design pictures and stuffs from them for my ideas. That's what I do sometimes. It's a good way, and I can access them well to look at them and study them whenever the time be.

However, I'll never know where the pictures are from. Except that they are probably from other sources, and therefore not really the persons.

Tell me if it matters, so I can be settled and happy.

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