Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Say No To Sickness
Earl of Denmore, Iggy and Squiggy, Arthur's Seat
Scottish + jigs = pwn.

My brainwashed mind wants to gather a few very cool conservatives and make a cute politically incorrect blog. It would be wonderful. And we could sell, well, very-cool bumper stickers.

I'm afraid, y'all, that I might be getting sick. More of a permanentish sick. It's so gradual that it might be able to be remedied before I REALLY get sick... but it seems to get worse and worse every day. Just subtly, but it seems that I am getting sick. It's weird. I think it's because of mental run-down and failure to sleep well. Prayers would be appreciated, as some wise scholar probably said once.

Hence the moral of my blog. Say no to sickness. Instead of 'Say no to war in Iraq', I say what I said. Yes, that's kind of what sparked the idea of a politically incorrect blog, not that I haven't thought of something like that for years now.

Anything interesting? I think I may not take speech; I'm so tired and so run-down, as said above, that I don't think I can. It's enough to wrap my mind around the simplest math in the world, and around weird Latin sentences.

I am taking art classes, math, Latin II, English Lit, and anything I really can find out. Life is a whole book to read and learn from. It's so beautiful to see that, and it's so interesting to live, but somehow now I loose that interestedness I had not too long ago and now, life seems so blank, and dark. It's all strange. But for those of you whose lives aren't blank and dark, remember that even if you're not taking biology, you're probably learning more than you'd ever learn in biology today. Or at least, be willing to learn. It's worth it.

Well, that was a little more optimistic. It sounds so much like Nostalgia that I want to write now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I had sewing yesterday at six o'clock. It was better than I thought it would be, and I got more done than I thought I would. It seems that I like to do learning-to-sew with people who have done it or many things... because the teacher just sized the patterns of us students by our measurements. It's sooo easier. Although, we don't yet know if they fit. But who cares?!

I've decided I'll post one link to a harp thing I like on YouTube... each post. If I remember and can. I have a document of links and descriptions, and so I can post one today (I haven't got very extended internet on this computer).

Here is a hornpipe, The Golden Eagle, which was one of the first I found back in the early days when I started really wanting to play Celtic harp...:

Tell me if it's not what I think it is, so I can get the right link.

And I have lots more! I really like harp these days, and hope someday to get a nice 29-string F-F Sara harp from Hobgoblin Music.... or whatever it's called. It's down a bit south of here, and they have a little shop somewhere else in Minneapolis. I got to hear the harp and see it, and I want walnut. I love walnut. :)

There's lots of political mysticism out there these days. As some of you may know, my family hears a lot about random things... generally we listen to the conservative talk-show hosts. Anyways. I can't help squelshing listening to some of it because people take many of us conservatives wrongly. Personal note of randomness. You don't have to pay it the least bit of attention, or you can go and comment a big rant on why conservatives are brainwashed. *g*

I'd probably say I was brainwashed if you asked. I prefer to think I am because it makes life more interesting and insane.

So, how about some weird poem from my story, Nostalgia. It isn't published so I won't tell you much more until I want to.

Stories told under my candle here,
Near the fireside, at night.
Stories, tales, from the past
Are told without man’s spite.
I know them now, so mild the night
That day would leave away,
But it is calm to see by light
The knowledge passed from day.

No name. Hope you liked it. ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm posting again.

I've edited previous posts, because I think they're an insane jumble of insanity.

And I want you to read this bit of what I wrote now, and tell me what you think. In fact, it's all I wrote of it. Just comment. Like we're in a club exchanging our writing.

In It All

Isn't it odd how most stories start with something odd? It could be almost imperceptible, but I think it's always strange, out of the ordinary. In this way I introduce a story that is strange, about a time that became strange, that likely does not exist.

Ailis was tapping the floor with her foot. Her eyes were simply glued to the piece of paper she was reading; just one, but with all sorts of strange symbols, she thought. The English alphabet seemed not to make sense any longer; the characters blurred, and when they weren't blurry, they didn't make sense. But Ailis didn't have anything else to do, so she continued to ponder the strange letters, the little squiggly lines between paragraphs, the odd straight line across the top and the bottom.

They didn't make sense. The words didn't make sense. She knew the words, but they didn't strike meaning in her mind.

Why? How could she think about the blurriness, and not see the words? Words formed in her mind, but the words on the page remained curves and sticks of dry ink.

Life was incomprehensible; the words of Ailis's thoughts became unreal, too. She couldn't understand them, but they kept flowing, flowing, flowing. The more she didn't understand them, somehow, the faster they came.

Ailis took her pencil from the side of her desk and wrote in the left margins, 'Incomprehensible.' It was the only word she understood, and she began not to understand it.


By the way. The format's messed up. Many thanks to it.

A case(s?) for sanity

If you plan on damning a book, (as in, telling people it's a bad book and they should never dream of reading it) I would suggest reading it first. There are some books I may try to read but not be able to finish, but I've kind of decided with myself that I'll read books before I say they're bad to anyone.

It may be that I hear reviews from people whom I trust (such as, on the da Vinci Code and some others, although I may end up reading those sorts of books anyways), I may use that in my own opinionizing, but just reading articles and reviews can be misleading.

Whatever is said by the person you're reading will be moored, in its own way, to that person's view, whether they're crazily for the thing or terribly against it. I probably would only trust someone whom I believe I can trust, which is a stereotype that is hard to define (let's not go into that).

(Just off the top of my head, I want to give a little credit to the talk-show host I'm listening to now (with some of my siblings), Dennis Prager; I generally trust him on most things, although I disagree with him. I think it's almost completely impossible to utterly agree with someone on everything. :-) --random note--)

Where I got this from here is the Harry Potter issue- how people go around saying they're evil books when they haven't even read them, or when the person (in my opinion) is completely biased (no offense to some people I know; I'm not directing this at you).

Please, I'm just saying. I don't believe the Harry Potter books are evil. I may not agree with everything J.K. Rowling says and believes, but her books have a good moral, and... I believe they paint a very real image of humanity and some abstract things. And I think J.K. Rowling is very brilliant in how she goes about her writing.

Now, may I depart, having said what I meant to say... God sie mid þu, oþþe eow.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little bit more

Right now, I'm listening/kind of watching the debate between McCain and Obama. Yes, I'm nice and biased. Actually, I don't think I am. And yes, I'm conservative, therefore I'm rooting for McCain... but I'm too young to vote.

Well, on the political bit, I think Sarah Palin (I prefer to just call her Sarah) was a wonderful choice. There are so many reasons... but I find, I can trust her, and I agree so much with her; she's honest, she's to-the-point, she's very friendly, and she's a good and wonderful person. Ooh, and Alaska's beautiful, but that really doesn't have much to do with it. I can't say Illinois is beautiful, though, because I've only been to Chicago and that doesn't give much view.

La, la, la.

Well, my hair's growing! I think it grows faster than a half-inch per month. Not sure, though. But I... like to be optimistic. *g*

I'm afraid Obama is one of the people/things that make me nauseated, if I can't control myself. Pantheism and some other things are with it... worms in potatoes. Well, worms in potatoes make me imagine there are worms in any food I'm eating. Blood, however, doesn't seem to be one of the things that makes me nauseated. Except that I feel as though I shouldn't not be nauseated when I see it, or think of it.

I made cookies today; chocolate chip cookies, and had way too much chocolate, and likely batter (as I delight in calling it), too. I only let the kids and myself have two cookies today because I don't feel sugary. In fact, I generally don't. Sometimes I just prefer having more sugar than salt at a moment, but that's momentary.

And I had my first real mocha frapuccino yesterday, at Starbuck's! Yessir! I loved it. I got a tiny, weeny taste of it in California, though, at a store. Except, we (my mum and I... and Grandma) were drinking our stuffs outside, and it was windy, so I was shivering. If you don't know, frapuccino is a cold drink. Brrr.

Coffee's not bad. Also first real time of having coffee. I don't think I'll be a coffee addict, but it's not bad. *grin*


I want to make a new blog for designing ideas-- clothes and all sorts of other things, things to be made. And post lots of pictures. Only problem is, some of the pictures I want to post I got from other sites, although they're not really those peoples', so... I'm not sure I should really post them. In the past few days I've been going through lots of sites getting design pictures and stuffs from them for my ideas. That's what I do sometimes. It's a good way, and I can access them well to look at them and study them whenever the time be.

However, I'll never know where the pictures are from. Except that they are probably from other sources, and therefore not really the persons.

Tell me if it matters, so I can be settled and happy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Chronicle of My Life

Well. I have just decided the doom of YouTube. Here is the narrative:

A Tale of Death and Doom

'I WILL KILLLLL!!!' yelled the man with the black cape.

The bloody scimitar is raised.

It clashes down upon the victim which stops.

Muffled wails are heard penetrating the deep meditativeness of night.

Then silence invades.

Through the subtlety of this thing, you might get the idea. I'm not sure how it fits in, unless it looks like a man in a black cape and really is me in a turtleneck shirt looking like a turtle.

But really, I could feel the scimitar going down. CRASHING onto YouTube. May it never be naughty again!

Chocolate sauce and ice cream!!! Mmm. ;)

So. Before I disappear into the distance forever, I will show you two poems... I wrote them last night, just before bed. ;)

It's so amazing, just how long
Nostalgia's been with me!
No one sees me as I am,
Except those long deceased.
Each sad day is lonelier still
Than the one before,
Though somehow I still gain hope
And pass from hour to hour.

So many days I have on earth,
And yet nothing to do;
I live my life, and watch the sun
As it drifts beyond.
In the night I watch the moon,
Watching where it goes,
And yet my thought is oft the same:
I've nothing to do.

Anyways, my family and I are going off to see the Biden/Palin debate. I hope I'll enjoy it because I'm awfully sleepy.... and I might go to sleep.

I'm wearing my ancient last year's winter shoes... and my toes go right to the ends. I think I'm going to have to get new shoes this year. ;) Nice brown leather shoes because black doesn't exactly match me, and white.... well, it's an old story why I don't really wear white now. It is because when I was a girl, I mussed them up, and so I had to get black and brown but not white. And now, I prefer brown, and have originated an interest in it. Yessss.

And it is really a longer story; I am just feeling brief. A good sign.

So, it's in the fifties and cold, and in eight minutes we goooo. My days are so busy now.

God sie mid eow!