Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am guaranteed be random in this post.

I'm searching for clothes (patterns, online) to wear every day, and to church... and now I'm looking at costumes at . They have nice costumes. And a niiice cloak. I want to make myself a thick, scratchy woolen cloak to wear in winter instead of the freezing plastic ones from stores.

And I want to make a wool coat-thing. I think that, if it goes down -20 or so this year (or next), I'll want that. And I am realising I don't like winter so much. Too much cloud, which makes me feel cold. And so I wish I had a large enough blanket in bed to curl up under. :P

I think I'm going to make a shot at a silly Latin rhyme or poem. One of my friends and I were conspiratorialising about writing a nice Latin rhyme book with other Latin students we know. All this was inspired by a Latin rhyme her teacher (and also mine, but that's confusing, because he's not teaching me Latin yet, but will probably be next year) quoted in class.

Something about non, numquam and ne, I think. I can't remember. I don't know all the negative little words in Latin yet.

I went on a rant, sorry. :P

And now I can't think of a Latin word because my brother is humming Ratatouille music beside me... and it's the best (I think) track of the disc, so I want to start... doing something weird like running around the house and singing in Old English or something.

Oh, well. I give up. I can't write Latin-advising poetry now. Won't come. You have to have the Latiny inspiration, the awareness of all the strange participle forms, the forgetting of what letter is the, well, principle letter of the first conjugation, and you forget what... 'est' means. That's when the inspiration comes driving through, and you begin to fluently speak to your siblings in Latin, or compare some Anglo-Saxon words to Latin ones... and lecture on their similarities, and their common ancestors in Indo-European.

I *love* languages. ;) But right now, I'm not doing good at writing in general. I hope you enjoy this drizzle of nouns and verbs and articles, and I'll go wander away and do something pertaining to my character.

*edit* The name of this post doesn't have anything to do with reality.

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