Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something sensible? I think not.

Have you ever seen the movie, 'Meet the Robinsons'? It's a good movie.

And by now, you may get the idea I'm taking a shot at movie reviews. There are lots of good movies to review, and I generally go better if I review the ones I like.

'Meet the Robinsons' has nice, funny, eccentric people in it. That is a good reason to watch it.

It's so classic in itself, the movie; it's simple and the characters are good, the storyline is good, and original. I find it very hard to see original movies. In fact, most of the bad movies I hear about seem to be centered on something else; they're not from the director's mind, or the writer's mind, or so on. I can't say whose mind it would be from, because I don't know much about movies.

It also has hilarious parts. Or at least, funny. I don't know whether you'd find one part as funny as I do, but I thought it was pretty good and funny. However, in all its funniness, it is somewhat serious, and has good points, and morals, and gives you a good big of whatever to think on. There's love and friendship in it, and the characters aren't all hoity-doity lovely and stuff. They like different things, such as, the main character, Lewis, is an inventor. And he's just a kid, and like a kid, he starts out inventing little things, but... it seemed to me that the movie was somehow saying, though things seem to be little and pointless, they're really very big and wide.

I'm not sure how to keep from spoiling the movie, so I am not going to say much more about it. I just think you could try to see it, if you have time, and if you can... and by the way, which I haven't mentioned, it's animated. I'm so used to watching animated movies, I don't even remember it when I tell about them; sort of an afterthought.

I could also say about Wall-E, but I have the feeling that all I want to say is already said.

I loved Wall-E a lot, as well. It explained true friendship, and honesty, and love... and I suppose many other things, too. I don't know how much I can say to get you to go see it (which you can do in theatres now, and it's worth it, methinks...), but I found it a charming movie. One of those lovable Pixar things.

I'm not sure how to touch on other things. It goes out into space, and whenever I get into that sort of part of a book or movie, it makes me feel uneasy and even sad. Alien, different. So I'm trying to white out those feelings while I write about this, and it can be hard. None of you really know about it, but that's why I had a hard time enjoying Star Wars back when we first watched it. I'm so used to it now that I don't mind so much.

Well. Not to scare you away, but there's also a rather darling cockroach, or I think it's a cockroach (and we Bertilson kids have debated it for awhile... I think Gabriel said it was a cockroach, and he is generally trustable), and Wall-E is... great. I don't know. Wall-E being the main character.

Well. I think I shouldn't go into farther detail. Those are two movies I saw this year, Wall-E we saw in Utah, on the way home (sort of), and Meet the Robinsons we saw here in our home, and have listened to it about ... twenty or thirty times since, and I'm not joking. It's very likely it was that many times.

I'm going to search for some sort of poem to browse on, preferably my utterly random ones about cutting pumpkins for Halloween, which I think I wrote last year, in October or September.. or maybe I wrote it in December. *g*

Ok. I've been dawdling, but here are some poems for the meantime, while I search for the pumpkin one. I may not find it because I have an endless maze of files, but I'll work on it.

This was inspired by a mention of whatever's called 'Thou Shalt Laugh'. I think it's a book, but I don't remember. Go look it up if you want to know; I think it's easy enough to find.

What People Tell You To Do

Thou shalt laugh, big and wide;
Thou shalt laugh the whole world dry!
Thou shalt laugh, big and fat,
Thou shalt make an obtuse laugh!
Laugh thine eyes from flowing brook,
Laugh thine eyes from darkest nook!
Thou shalt laugh, big and wide,
Thou shalt laugh the whole world dry!

Thou shalt wail, when thou diest,
Thou shalt wail the great world wet!
Thou shalt wail, when thou liv'st,
Thou shalt wail an acute wail!
Wail thy hair from tight abode,
Wail thy hair to suck the moat!
Thou shalt wail, when thou diest,
Thou shalt wail the whole world wet!

Thou shalt sing, piggishly,
Thou shalt sing like silly thing!
Thou shalt sing, piggish-like,
Thou shalt sing a largish sing!
Sing thine ears to hardest place,
Sing thine ears into its face!
Thou shalt sing, piggishly,
Thou shalt sing like silly thing!

Thou shalt scream, loud and clear,
Thou shalt scream the whole sky's snow!
Thou shalt scream, loud and great,
Thou shalt scream, lik'ning to a bear!
Scream thy mouth so large and wide,
Scream thy mouth so very white!
Thou shalt scream, loud and clear,
Thou shalt scream the whole sky's snow!

Oh, my. More random poems. Here:

Like a lion, he stands above,
His noisy mouth is coming down,
Crashing through the air!
You try to run, but he’s faster,
And down his jaws to the ground.
He growls louder, coming after,
Seeking for your fear,
Then you think you’re in a bush,
And safe from lion’s jaws,
But soon you find a giant frog
Has got you in his mouth!

Oh, I love old random poems. This will probably be a huge long post of it. Have fun.

I wonder how to do this,
Because it is so lame!
I never found out how to write
A silly poem in the night!
But now it’s day and cloudy is,
The skies, falling to the end,
Falling from their crooked place
Up in the sky with such grace.

Swaying, falling, dipping clouds,
But too bad I’m not with them now!
What can you write if it’s today,
A parody or Santa’s sleigh?
I don’t mind to write Latin,
Because you’ve got choice vocab’lary,
But then you get all bored,
And down you sit and roar.

Here's a more melancholy poem. I am pretty sure I wrote it in spring, once the grass came out.

I am old, I have no comfort,
Darkness pulls its shade 'round me.
Singing songs, I pluck my harp,
But darkness envelopes me.
A shadow comes across the stars
And beauty now is lost,
The green of dew-cladden hills gone,
The flowing waves of sea.

In the night, a star will flicker,
Once it flickers, then goes out,
Then the darkness pushes at me,
A darkness hiding the sun.
In the morning, cool with mist,
I raise my head and see the sun,
It rises in the distant east
And ends its roam near night.

Wand'ring, lonely, across the plains,
Life emerges as a song,
The birds let out their morning voice,
And mist arises from the ground.
I wander through the crisp new grass
Coming to a large willow tree,
There I sit down, to have my rest,
For I travel through the night.

I must have written this during Old English or Latin class last year. Insanity, beware.

Old English is not Middle English,
Beware 'tis not Shakespearean!
People get it mixed up, confoozled,
The poor thing, O that alien!
Like Latin 'tis or not at all,
People don't get it once or all,
They fall about upon their swords;
Why does Rette know its call?

I found it. Well, I already told you about it above. It said in the original document that the first line was written so because I was scanning through my art pictures. Delectate (which probably isn't real Latin; I can't remember the word)!

The Pumpkin Song –

November/December art pics are on the show.
Do just kill them, one by one and simply let it go.
I don't care however it's done; just let it get done,
I don't care whether you use a spoon or a latex glove.
Just get it done and go away and put it right outside.
Cut little holes in its sides to indicate its eyes,
And maybe just an imprint showing where is its mouth.
I don't care whether everything goes wrong or right or both;
It doesn't matter 'cause this is just one experiment.
Either shoot two holes at it and make two faces, ha!
It doesn't matter what you do; just let it slip right through.
I might give one little hole through its nose to show...
Or maybe I'll just shout a word to demand it right done.
But anyways, with a gun you shoot out holes for mouth...
And some weird fangs with icicles because it's cold outside.
Taste it up with hot light; a fire or a dove,
Doves are loud and fluttery, and may shine through their eyes.
I wonder if we should put a necklace on its top;
A wired chain or weird hand like Frankenstein's monster.
But anyways, we'll put it out on the steps with sign for formation,
And maybe Great Pumpkin will pass by and bless it one by one.
(Erm, you see, it has fac's two and two fangs, with ice'cles floatin' 'bout,
That sets stage for wondrous shows of binoculars.)
And so the children'll pass by and be scared right to death!
Mwahaha! I'll laugh to death and put on an ugly mask.



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