Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have come, for all of you who care or don't.

For those who come, here are some three random poems I wrote:

It was one day that...
This did happen...
My meatball was covered...
When somebody sneezed.
It rolled off the table,
And under the door,
And then my poor meatball,
Was never no more.


There was an old woman,
Lived in a shoe.
She had twelve children,
Naught but are blue.
All of the windows
And all of the doors
Were busted here'n'there
Because of the floor.


There was an old azure-sky
Covered with stars,
It was so heav'nly,
So very like dye!
But not all the king's men,
Nor the king's horses,
Knew what a star
Was in all their noses!


Theocentrica said...

Hullo, m'dear!
Welcome to blogland...lovely day, isn't it? XD
If chocolate is the cure to all diseases, what would you do for someone who'd given themselves a stomachache eating the stuff? *g*


Erin said...

yay! You have a blog!
It's pretty! I hope you post lots!

Nora.Roisin said...

Thanks, you two! :D

Well... chocolate is rather a joke. But it does help me a lot of ways. It tends to calm me down when I'm hyper, and make my happy when I'm frustrated or sad, and sometime it makes me feel better from something. I don't know, it might be mental.

But it's all a joke. :P

And Erin, what does 'post lots' mean? I mean, should I post five posts per day? I could! But I won't.