Friday, September 19, 2008

No transliteration...

So. with no transliteration, I will give you all a good poetry-cookout. I have so much of it, and the only place to put it is on the Dearly Classified Writing Club (so-called right now because I feel we'll end up having 40 members soon). Annnd... well, I've got some new and old stuff. So let's have a fun time with poetry. I haven't many short stories, and my stories shan't be posted yet.

So. I'll go search for all the joys of poemhood. And someday, I'm thinking, I should post on Old English. I'm no expert at it, but I know it. You have to rely on Dr. McM for your OEhood. Except, he won't claim expertise either, I don't think. But I'm one of his students, so I'm supposed to be nuts and as, well, smart as a five-year-old.... people say fifth grader, but see, five-year-olds are the ones who depend on their mums for all their knowledge, and they think their parents have infinite knowledge.

This first poem was inspired just now by L.C. Russell of Pontification Ad Nauseam, which I bloglistify to...

Yes Nor No

I cannot say yes, nor no
To any question here,
Oh, how sad life can be
With no right answer?
I would say yes or no
If the time were right,
But they tell me it's not;
I'm bound tight hand and foot.

And I used this to reply to her while talking to her...:

I can't say yes, nor no,
For they say that I can't!
As do you, my friend...
You bind me hand and foot!

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