Monday, September 29, 2008

A few thoughts.

The start of another week, with a nice day at church. I love my church, and theology.

Today, I got to have the combination of cottage cheese and fruit cocktail. Mm.

I played the piano. Right now, I'm perfecting Burgmuller's Arabesque and one of Clementi's Sonatinas well, and fooling around with Haydn, Bizet, and other composers.

And I think I can hit High C in singing. Whoot.

Now, I'll try to touch on something happy. Embroidery: I have interesting ideas. I'm making myself an outfit for our church's Reformation Party, a skirt and top, and I want to embroider something somewheres when 'tis finished. They were ok, and it was interesting. Now I know just a few ways to change it so that it is better.

Have you ever noticed how apples have character? It's very interesting. I find the nice, crisp ones are rather the kind... well, intelligent ones. And have you ever had the tasty real apple cider? The spicy stuff? I like to fool with it, and IT'S OUT THIS YEAR!! OH YAY FOR FRESH APPLE CIDER! Sometimes it's even Minnesota-made!!! *ceases vigil*

Art class on Thursday. I think I got tired sitting around so long, but it was good. We're doing grid drawings. I'm drawing a picture of three tree swallows sitting on a barbed wire fence, or what ought to be one. Rather cute, and I hope my drawing will turn out. I'm very picky about how things look.

Enough. Let us hope no spiders come to bite me this night. Yes, that is what I worry of last night, ever since I was bitten 'tween the fingers and my eczema exploded angrily against it. :) I like to use weird words.

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