Friday, September 26, 2008


This has been a busy week of my life. I am going to have art classes every month. It's somewhat intensive; we had the first class this week, yesterday. We are doing grid-drawing. I'm doing a little picture of three tree swallows, Gabriel says they are. He's doing a goldfinch.

I am also doing sewing now. I will be doing a class at a store which, incidentally, is near my church. It's funny that it's so close, because when we go there, I keep thinking we're going to church. Just not the right times of the day. I'm making a skirt and soon a shirt for dancing, and then for the class I'm going to make a rather... mediaeval-style dress, except they didn't make dresses like that in the mediaeval times. I researched that awhile back.

I think that my first weeks on blog may be very ambling. I am an ambling writer. If anyone has read some of my writings, which many of you may have (I don't expect many people who don't know me have seen this quite yet), you will know. Sometimes I'm actually quite witful and sometimes not. I mean, I think of some odd words and use them, straight from my head, and you can tell when I do that. I actually like it myself. A bit of originality, and a bit of fun. I love words, and languages, and histories and cultures. Unless they drive me nuts. I also love to learn about worldviews, but pantheism makes me sick. As does superstition. It really does make me feel nauseas.

I will now drift away.

Videbo te altero tempore! :P

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