Wednesday, September 17, 2008

इफ थिस अप्पार्स इन हिन्दी, आईटी'स नोट माय फौल्ट

Here's an of poemsy. If you don't understand the usage of 'an' there, I'll tell you.... the word 'an' is from the Anglo-Saxon 'án', 'one', and... that generally explains it.

Ta da! --

Now, what a place to go to, my friend!
To the streets of Minn'polis, so drunken, so dead!

Oh, do consider again, if you please;

For this place is not friendly to leaves!
They're sputtered and guzzled and turned to a pulp,
Thrown down the throat with such tyrannical gulp!

The forests are golden and leaves are bright green,
The fields are brown-dark and grasses are green,
The waters are shimm'ring and cloudy and lean.
What does this all mean, what definition?
What can be meant by this old destination?
A place that is contrary to whatever it be,
That certainly does make a little mice wee.

It is a place where there is not a street,
A place where people hardly ever do meet,
A place full of the warnings of woods,
The chastisement giv'n to the one child's 'could'.
'Oh, yes, my child, of course you could, or would!
But, you see, child, 'tisn't could, but 'tis might!'
Such little childrens do not know what's right.

In this forest it is not kept at bay,
The darkness does not creep as long shadows may,
They're pulled back forc'dly by the old trees,
For there are mosses and new ferns to see!
Children who come there do not speak at all,
This is what I am telling you, before fall.


Nora.Roisin said...


if you see this and wonder why it's in an odd language... could you tell me how to fix it? I had the transliteration thingy on, and then I turned it off and it still transliterated.


But at least you can read the poem!

Erin said...

I read the poem!
=) It was a little confusing because I wasn't quite sure what was going on all the time but I still liked it. *G*

Hmm, I don't know. *no suggestions*

Nora.Roisin said...

Well, thanks. *g* I'm glad you liked the poem. I'm afraid I'm thinking of deleting the blog and making another... I'm so annoyed; it won't disable the transliteration. And if I make a new blog, I will know not to allow transliteration in the first place.

*proudly walks from room*

Erin said...

EWll, If you make a new blog, you have to post on here that you made it.

Nora.Roisin said...

I would have, but my dad won't let me have it probably because now I have this one back. However, it does not change the fact that I'm likely to change the address.

Any ideas on what it should be? Something that can be used with many blognames... I don't know. Anything I think up seems unusually stubborn and stupid.

~Amizie (but another one of my interesting friend-given nicknames...)